Ahmed Turk

Ahmed Turk

Arab Building House


Architect of the new revolution of building houses and buildings
Vice President of Arab Building House for Prefabricated Buildings, using a modern style of construction, reinforced concrete with fiberglass, where it reaches three times the thickness of the reinforced concrete. Its time is equal to twice the time of the reinforced concrete. It does not contain reinforcing iron and can withstand vibrations up to 8 Richter.
A three-pronged company in the development of building-building systems.
The world has been waiting for a solution for more than 150 years.


08:00 AM

Gathering & Welcome Speech

by Jamie Hefford

09:00 AM

Getting back into the deliverables business

by George Burton

10:00 AM

Successful Marketing Strategy

by Carol Wood

12:30 PM


01:30 PM

Predict the future with an old trick

by Cody Nesbit

03:00 PM

Closing Thoughts

06:00 PM
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