Mohamed Sakr

Mohamed Sakr



The Business & Culture Engineer that he say , his study considers him an engineer and he consider him self as a Business & Culture Engineer . Sakr is an Egyptian Entrepreneur But the he is differ , Sakr invest in the Human rights and Debating Ideas that aims to create a new platform for Debating and accepting others opinion in Egypt . Sakr is the Founder & CEO of the first platform for debating and Human rights in Egypt ) The 7s ) that gives a high impact on the Youth society specially in Boarding areas . Sakr Dream is to raise the Awareness about the Debating in Middle-east overall , He , See that the most problem that the Middle-east faced is that no one accepts the other Opinion , Skin or religion .

So Do you want to know how can you get the most output Business impact from Debating & Culture ? Wait Sakr in TEDx Al –Arish Soon .



08:00 AM

Gathering & Welcome Speech

by Jamie Hefford

09:00 AM

Getting back into the deliverables business

by George Burton

10:00 AM

Successful Marketing Strategy

by Carol Wood

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01:30 PM

Predict the future with an old trick

by Cody Nesbit

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Closing Thoughts

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