Shahinda Saad

Shahinda Saad

Professional Consulting


Consulting professional in solving family problems and marital relations expert.
It extends the strategic intervention with clients of the men and women to help them overcome their feelings and experiences of loss, which destroyed the basis for building a happy and balanced life.
Communicate with a wide audience through personal Shahenda consults given by the week and through its training programs professionally designed to achieve concrete results, as well as support groups.
Invented Shahenda psychological work protocols and process expertise to help the owners of separation and divorce for emotional experiences to recover psychologically, adapt to a new life and start a new beginning that deserves all of us at any stage of his life.
Shahenda of the cultural background of Western and Eastern, where she lived secondary study period in Spain and after a career path in the field of management has transferred its focus to the study of family therapy and personal training.
The Shahenda a huge research effort to make adjustments on many Madras Alkotchenj to achieve immediate and dramatic results standing with their customers in accordance with their own needs psychological Kosherqaan.
Made famous and Nscheran results of many reports and media interviews.


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Gathering & Welcome Speech

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Getting back into the deliverables business

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Successful Marketing Strategy

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Predict the future with an old trick

by Cody Nesbit

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